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Samantha to the Rescue


“Samantha to the Rescue” is another original “Lara Caterina Performances” educational play in English. Lara Caterina plays the character “Samantha”.

In this story, the world becomes a sad place because a wicked witch steals the things that make people happy: flowers, trees, music, dancing...

Samantha, our heroine, is the only one who can save the world; in her quest to rescue what used to make people happy she discovers a way to travel back in time and takes the children with her. They go to England, Japan and Ireland. Will Samantha’s exciting journey help her find a way to bring joy back to the world? Luckily she has the children to help her on her mission!

There will be lots of interaction between Samantha and the children as well as a valuable message about the importance of nature and of the intangible things in life that make us happy.

The tap shoes will add plenty of fun and a magical touch to the play.

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