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The Magic Shoes at Christmas


“The Magic Shoes at Christmas” is another original “Lara Caterina Performances” production featuring the lovable character “Molly” from “Molly & The Magic Shoes”. This educational play in English is for children between the ages of 3 and 8. Lara Caterina plays Molly.

In this Magic Shoes adventure, Molly interacts with the children throughout. She takes them on another world tour with Christmas carols and lots of fun. When they are returning to Europe from a snowy New York City, strong winds take them up to the North Pole where they discover that Santa has had some trouble. Will all the children in the world get their presents? And what’s more, will Molly and the boys and girls be home in time for Christmas?

Once again, tap dancing is a key element of the show and the story ends with an important message sent by Father Christmas and the Three Wise Men.

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